Spoons Card Game | Closed Captioned

– Hi. – We’re Rainy Day Dreamers. – And today we’re going to play a game we found at Walgreens “Spoons”. ♫ Rainy day dreamers ♫ Rainy day dreamers ♫ – [Ximena] So we found this at the toy isle in Walgreens, and my dad said it was his favorite game, when he was a kid, so – [Parris] Yes. – [Ximena] we’ve decided to try it out. – [Parris] It was about $5.

If you can’t find it locally, we’ll have a link down below this video, but really all you need to play this game is some spoons and a deck of cards, and a voice. This is a game that you don’t need to go out and buy this set. If you have a full deck of cards, and you have a fair number of spoons, as many as wanna play the game, that’s really all you need. Now let’s see how this turns up. Really a lot of fun, the more people who play, the more fun it is. – Four spoons.

– Okay, now it’s three to five player, four spoons, there is a clue. Now what ages do they recommend this for? – Ages seven and up. – Seven and up, I think four or five-year-old could understand it, but what they can’t understand is not getting so wild, cause this game gets physically wild. Wild, okay, and then there’s a deck of cards, We don’t know if it’s a regular deck, we’ll open it up to take a look.

– [Ximena] So this is sorta like a regular deck of cards, but the faces are really animated and stuff, like their own special version. – [Parris] And ours will be soon too. Instructions included, they’re very simple, it’s a very simple game. Everyone is gonna have four cards, and you wanna get four of a kind. When you have four of a kind, you can grab a spoon, and we will have, since we have three players, we only gonna have two spoons here on the table, and you can grab a spoon quickly, you can grab a spoon slowly, so that the other people looking at their cards may not even notice till a minute or two later that there’s only one spoon left.

But whoever notices first, they get it. You gonna have each round one player will not get a spoon, they’re out until the game’s over, and then they get to play again the next game. Everybody gets four cards, and then the dealer, I’ll deal first, I pull from the main pile, one card, look at it. I can keep it, if it matches what I’m trying to get four of and pass another one over, or if I don’t like it, I can just put it here.

So I basically put it down, the person next to me picks it up as I pick up the next one, we judge if we want it or not, put it down, and so you end up with, I think this is best played in a circle, obviously. Going around the circle everybody take and look and pass and take and look, look at those spoons, take and look and pass, and that’s how it goes. – But what if you do want the card?

– Then you put it in with yours, and you pick one of the others to discard. Everybody pick up your cards, if you have four of a kind already, grab a spoon. Hmm. – I wonder if that’s ever happened on the very first time someone got four of a kind.

– There’s a mathematical way to figure that out, I expect. Take a look, organize them how you want, think of what you’re gonna go for, and then we’re gonna begin, everybody ready? – Wait, can I, can I trust you guys to not look and just leave mine on the table, cause I don’t, I can’t really like – Yeah, it’s fine. – [Roxanna] grab and. – We’re not gonna pay attention to that. – Alright, thank you.

– Alright, here we go. So I’m gonna take and look, don’t want, put down, wait, and then now you at the same time as me take and look, either keep it and switch or pass it over to Roxanna, put down, take and look, put down. Now Roxanna you put ’em here, take, well I guess I got the pile, I don’t need them. You just put ’em here Roxanna.

– Oh, okay. – I mean, unless we run out. Man, I picked the wrong ones, they go, I got nothing. – I know.

– Oh, little something. I’ve made a commitment. Should’ve taken the jokers out, I forgot that. Find more fun in this list of online casino games.

– Wait. – This is actually quite hilarious. But it would be bad if two people were going for the same one. – That’s true, may not this happen. Once you get three of a kind, and you know what you are looking for, you don’t need to pay much attention to anything else. – Oh I switched.

I switched to a different tactic. – Where they are? – I switched to a different Tic Tac, but my breath wasn’t any better. One at a time, Ximena.

– Sorry. – Oh, well. – I got mine first.

– I saw it corner of my eye. – [Roxanna] I was like why? I was like why’d everyone stop? Where did all the card noises go?

– So now we put the cards back together, we just, it’s you against me, and Roxanna watches, because she is out of this round. Ximena is gonna be the dealer, normally they go to the left when you pass them, but since she’s over there, she gonna pass to the right. One spoon, okay.

Alright, should’ve taken the jokers out again. Okay, whenever you are ready. I am ready to receive some cards from you. Not much strategy involved here. Whoever gets it first has got it. Cause the rule is you can’t take a spoon, if you don’t have the four.

Well, I can’t even take, there we go. Good job, Ximena. Ximena won that first match, so now Roxanna’s back in, and she’s gonna pass out the cards, four each, and she’ll be dealing.

– What happened? – Hmm, I don’t know. – Oh! – That’s what happened! – Oh!

– [Parris] Okay, all three of us are in this round, I’m gonna be the dealer, here we go. Well, ah-ahh, darn it! Stack’s coming down, if you’re miscollecting ’em, just letting you know. – Mmmmm.

– So that’s the game of spoons, what did you guys think? – I love it, I love all games, really enjoy games. – [Parris] Roxanna? You are not saying anything. You didn’t like it? – No, I liked it and everything, it’s just I think you need more people to have more of a chance.

– That’s true. it would give you more of a chance. It’s a lot more fun with 10 or 12 people playing it in the living room, everyone’s sitting in a big circle, because when the first person takes the spoon, and then a couple people notice, and you get down to the last two or three spoons, it’s just craziness of people trying to jump in there and grab it.

That’s when I think they say it’s for kids seven and up, because the little kids, they just bite your arms, and then get the spoons, so you don’t wanna encourage that. We have a bunch of board games, family games piled up to try, what’s the next one you’d like to try? – Apples to Apples. – Okay, what’s the next one you’d like to try?

– I think Apples to Apples. – Yes, yes! – I think we may be trying that one very soon. You can keep checking back for that video, or you can click that subscribe button down below.

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