Melbourne Australia Top Things To Do

Welcome to Melbourne, the capitol of Victoria. – This city is all about culture and recreation, and is widely known as one of the most livable cities in the world. – They also have some truly unforgettable day trips.

– They certainly do, and we’re gonna try to do a little bit of everything, and show you the ropes. Melbourne is such an interesting city. There’s so much culture and so many sports fans. Going inside the MCG:

Seeing the huge stadium with all of the seats. It’s something to marvel at. – What’s cool is this museum is interactive, so you get to try some of the sports. Oh.

(deep, airy horn music) Queen Victoria is Melbourne’s central market, where people come to buy fruits and veggies, to fish, to souvenirs at the best prices. Wow, I like this one. (fun concertina music) Arcades are the original shopping malls of Melbourne. Not only do they have shops and restaurants, They also connect with the alleyways and help you navigate through the city.

– [Brock] There are so many different things to see around Melbourne. – It’s actually legal to spray paint in this alleyway. Behind me is Luna Park. This is the oldest amusement park in Melbourne.

It also is one of the highlights of St Kilda. The Yarra River is the main river that runs through Melbourne, and the name actually comes from the Aboriginal word “hello.” – Taking a trip along the Great Ocean Road is one of the most stunning drives on earth. Oh, my. Seeing the twelve apostles, Phillip Island with all it’s incredible wildlife. – Oh, he’s so soft.

– [Brock] It’s such a reminder of how magnificent nature is. – Flinders Station is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Melbourne. It was inaugurated in 1901 to celebrate the birth of Australia. – [Brock] Sure. – [Together] Cheers.

– This experience is so unique, because not only are you dining on a colonial style tramcar, but you’re moving through the city on the actual tracks that the tramcars use and seeing Melbourne as you go. – We have had so much fun here in Melbourne, from wondering around the arcades and lane ways, – [Brock] to taking in the incredible views of the Great Ocean Road, and hanging out with the good old kangaroos. – We hope you’ve enjoyed an insider’s look at Melbourne.

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