London Taxi System

If you’re taking a taxi, most people just round up to the next pound to give a tip, unless it’s a long ride or the service is really good. Then you could give up to 10%. Doormen or bellboys or things like that that are handling your luggage, a pound would suffice just fine for them. The eighth thing to know before you go to London is about the language.

It’s English, but it’s British English, so there might be some phrases and some pronunciations you might not be used to. So these are some things you need to know. The first one is the name of this river. It looks like it’s the Thames, but it’s pronounced the Thames, the River Thames. If you wanna go to the bathroom, that’s often referred to as the loo, L-O-O.

Thanks is cheers. The elevator is known as the lift. If you’re gonna get in a line, you’re gonna queue up. If you’re gonna put something in the trash, you might put it in the bin. If you are putting something in the trunk of a car, that’s often called the boot.

An ATM is known as a cashpoint. A pedestrian crossing or a crosswalk is known as a zebra crossing. If you need a drugstore, that would be called a chemist. If you wanna get some french fries, those would be chips. If you wanna get what you think are potato chips, those would be known as crisps.

If you’re getting some ketchup, that would be tomato sauce. The ground floor of a hotel is the same as a first floor. So if you go up to one here, that’s the equivalent of a second floor in most other places not being Europe.

And also, petrol is the same as gas. The other couple things about pronunciation is, Greenwich, Greenwich Mean Time, or Greenwich. It’s not Greenwich, it’s Greenwich.

There’s a square that looks like it’s called Leicester Square, but it’s pronounced Leicester Square. And then the big famous church, that’s not Westminister, it’s Westminster. All right, so now you know some British English to get you around.

The ninth thing to know before you go to London is about shopping. And good news for you. London has a lot of shopping.

The mecca for shopping in London, it’s in the West End district, particularly on this street, Oxford Street. Oxford Street has over 300 shops on it. It’s served by four different Tube stations.

The middle of it is right at Oxford Circus. It is busiest Friday nights and Saturdays, when it seems like all of London is out here shopping. And as you can see, I am here on a Friday night, and it is quite busy, trying to make sure, I’m kinda looking side to side of the camera to make sure I don’t hit anybody as I’m walking, ’cause I’m sure they wouldn’t like that. The largest store on Oxford Street is right here. It’s the Selfridges department store. It’s their flagship location, and this, it’s the second-largest store in all of the United Kingdom.