How To Navigate In London

To navigate your way around the system, download the Citymapper app. It’s better than Google Maps. It’ll give you oh-so many more options. It’ll tell you exactly when the next departure times are.

It’ll tell you what part of the train to get on. Citymapper is what it’s called. Download it. Another option for you to get around the city is the classic London black taxis. They’re not all black anymore, but they’re very professional.

The London taxi drivers have to take a really impressive test to become a taxi driver. You’ll seem them plying around. If their yellow taxi light is on, then it means you can hail them down and get on. Uber has also started operation here in London. I’ve used that a couple times. It’s been pretty quick.

I wouldn’t say efficient because London traffic is really bad, and so it can actually take a long time to get around on the taxi. Finally, use your feet. Walking is really, really good. And actually, I’ve found the times in the center of the city to take a Tube one stop or two, it was better just to walk. And finally, finally, there’s this whole shared bicycles here. There’s been one that’s been here for a long time, the Santander bicycles, but there’s the new dockless bike systems that are coming out that are available in different parts of London, so you can check those out for easy ways to get around.

I didn’t do it because in London, you have to ride your bicycle on the streets. And while they’ve added bike lanes, I didn’t think a lot of them really looked all that safe. The sixth thing to know before you go to London is about the food.

London has a reputation of having really awful food, but I’ll say I’ve found the food game in London in the last few years has really kicked it up quite a bit. Pretty delicious things, classically British things like fish and chips and meat pies, but you’ll find a range of international foods. Definitely explore. Your tummy will be happy in London. And I’m not gonna cover food in more detail in this video because I have two separate videos just about food in London.

One is all about the best cheap eats in London, and the second one is about the best food markets in London. You can find links in the description below, or click the cards in the upper right. The seventh thing to know before you go to London is about tipping. First, tipping in restaurants.

A standard tip in a restaurant will be about 12%. If service is really good, you could give 15%. Make sure to check out whether the restaurant charges a service charge or not. If there’s a service charge on your bill, then you don’t need to give a tip. If you’re in a pub or bar and all you’re ordering is drinks, then you don’t need to tip, unless you’re ordering food. And if so, then tip just like you would at a restaurant.