Does RAM speed REALLY matter?

RAM, whether you bat for the red team or the blue team, you need it. But there are so many options, from 2133 to 4266 Megahertz. But could it possibly be worth emptying your wallet for the fastest memory on the market? Let’s find out! We’re opening up a new merch store. You can check […]

London Taxi System

If you’re taking a taxi, most people just round up to the next pound to give a tip, unless it’s a long ride or the service is really good. Then you could give up to 10%. Doormen or bellboys or things like that that are handling your luggage, a pound would suffice just fine for […]

How To Navigate In London

To navigate your way around the system, download the Citymapper app. It’s better than Google Maps. It’ll give you oh-so many more options. It’ll tell you exactly when the next departure times are. It’ll tell you what part of the train to get on. Citymapper is what it’s called. Download it. Another option for you […]