Autobiography of Racing’s Greatest Sportsman


Hometown: Middletown, Connecticut
Residence: Alpharetta, Georgia

Age: 14 years old
Birthday: May 24, 1990
Height: 5′ 3″

Weight: 107 Pounds

Residence: Alpharetta, Georgia

Years of Racing: 9th Year
Entering 9th grade (High School)

Since the age of 3 years old, Joey Logano got behind his first vehicle a battery operated jeep, with a shift designed for 6 to 8 year olds. He was driving his jeep like an 8 year old. Backing it in the garage etc.

At the age of 5 for his birthday his father Tom Logano purchased a go-kart, had to adjust the pedals for him to be able to drive it since it was for a 10 year old. Within a month’s time his father purchased an Adult go-kart for himself to drive along side of his son as he told Joey’s Mom. Within two days Joey was driving the adult go-kart his father adjusted the pedals. Joey has been driving advance vehicles for his age starting in the beginning.



Joey Logano Age: 5
(Adult Go-Cart)



The following spring Joey and his father decided to check out the Quarter Midget Racing at Silver City Quarter Midget Track in Meriden, Connecticut., and decided to give it a chance. Joey fell in love with the fun, and excitement that goes with racing.




Joey Logano Age: 6



Since the early age of seven Joey’s father would put Joey behind anything that had a wheel, (Chevy Suburban, Snowmobiles, Fork Lift, 40ft. Motorhome, Bobcat, 40ft. Tanker Trailer, you name it) Which the Water Tanker was his summer job to wet down his fathers Trucking Facility yard on a daily basis. Joey began driving an old Honda Civic 5 speed at his fathers place of business. Joey took to it over night.

His first Quarter Midget Grand National Race which was held in Syracuse, New York, 35 cars Jr. Stock Division, 50 cars in Jr. Honda Division. We were told that the chances of winning a Grand is slim, especially at your lst Grands.

Each year there are 300 to 500 cars that participate in the Grands. And some families have been competing for five to eight years without winning a Grand National Event.

So going to Syracuse, New York with that in mind our chances of coming home with a Grand National Trophy was slim. So Joey’s Mom Deborah wanted to get in Joey’s head before the Grands began that just getting to the C-main was a great accomplishment. But Joey had other ideas. Joey went out in his time trails and placed 6th for the Jr. Honda Division which put him in the B-Main. In the Jr. Stock Division he made the feature he was the last car to make it which gave him the pole position.

The next day Joey’s mom reminded him that just getting to the B-Main and A-Main is an accomplishment whatever happens from here on you can say you did one good job. With no response from Joey, he gets into his race car first the Jr. Honda Division Heat. Joey comes in First Place and proceeds on to the feature. Joey, places Second at the Grand National.

Mom and Dad were so proud. Mom has another talk with Joey as above since the next race Jr. Stock Division had the past Grand National Champion. The race began and Joey lead the whole race to win his FIRST GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. Joey says this race was the most rewarding and he will always cherish it.

At eight years old at his second Grand National Event in Wall, New Jersey, Joey at the time trail was the first car out for the day which met the track was cold and slow. Joey placed all the way back to the E-Main. He raced every heat from the E-Main to the B-Main winning 1ST PLACE in every single heat race, proceeding to the Feature and winning the JR. HONDA 1/4 MIDGET GRAND NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Joey Logano with family and best friend Nick Clark pulling all 1st Place Grand National heat race trophies along with lst place Feature Champion Trophy back to the Logano Motorsports trailer at end of night.

At nine years old at his third Grand National Event in Cumming, Georgia; Joey had three cars entered at the Grand’s. Lt. Mod got in at the B-Main and placed 2nd in the heat. In the feature Joey started in the back and raced up to the 3rd position when a car spun out in front of him and Joey had no whereto go and hit straight on. He bent his axel and hurt the heel of his foot, they stopped the race so he could get out and be checked out since he was also having an asthma attack. His father asked him what he wanted to do. “There is 9 laps to go and they are putting you in the back”, Joey said “let’s finish the race Dad.” Within 9 laps Joey came from the back to win his 3RD GRAND NATIONAL QUARTER MIDGET CHAMPIONSHIP. Also placing 3rd in the Sr. Stock and 3rd in the Lt. B Features.

After winning his 3rd Grand National Championships in Quarter Midgets, Joey’s father and the family decided that they wanted to go onward to a different car series which meant moving south to drive Bandolero cars either in North Carolina or Atlanta, Georgia.

Joey’s sister Danielle is a competitive Ice Skater. The family had to consider relocation for her sport. After much researching the family decided on Georgia.

Once in Georgia within a months time Joey Logano was racing Bandolero cars. After a good couple of months learning mechanics on the car along with practice time driving. Joey started to place in most of his races. The only time which he did not was when chains fell off, gas stopped going to the engine on the white flag, etc. Still at Joey’s worse time he still managed to come in the top 5. Joey never quits, as long as the motor is running he will give it his all.

Joey will never complain about his race cars the look of them etc. As long as he has a car to drive with a steering wheel and tires he is happy. He has good sportsmanship before and after the race. You will always see Joey going to everyone and saying good job even when he losses.

Joey and his father Tom have a very special relationship. They are best of buddies and respect one another and enjoy the sport together. Joey’s Mom and sister Danielle are at 98% of all races for family support.

In January of this year Joey started driving a Legend Car at the age of 9 which makes him the youngest Legends Car Racer in history. His first race was April lst, 2000 at Albany Motor Speedway, Albany, Georgia. First time on track he placed 1st in his division Young Lions Chargers and 6th overall 28 car field, he was on the track with all the divisions from Chargers Semi Pro, Pro’s and Masters.

His second Race at Albany Motor Speedway, Joey placed lst in Young Lions Division Chargers and 4th Place overall (20 cars). Third Race at Albany Motor Speedway, Joey Placed 1st again in Young Lion Chargers Division and 2nd Place overall (16 cars).

On May 24,2000 Joey turned 10 years old. A special approval was granted by INEX to allow Joey to begin racing INEX Legends Series two years early due to his resume. On June 3rd, 2000 at Lanier Motor Speedway Joey raced his first INEX Legends Car Series and Placed FIRST in his heat and FIRST PLACE in the Feature. Which made Joey Logano the youngest Feature Winner in Legends History.

On June 10th, 2000 at Lanier Motor Speedway Joey raced his Second INEX Legends Car Series and Placed FIRST again in his heat and 1ST PLACE again in the Feature.

On July 28, 2000 – Bandit Bandolero National’s held at Atlanta Motor Speedway.

This race felt very similar to Joey’s 1997 Quarter Midget Grand National Championship. The past 1999 Bandit Bandolero Champion was racing to defend his title, along with NASCAR Winston Cup driver’s children from Charlotte, N.C. We didn’t think our chances were too good. Plus of all times Joey was very sick with a bad head cold.

Joey’s family asked him if he felt up to it to race, since a Bandolero car is like a steam bath combined with a head cold. Joey’s reply was yes.

A total of 26 cars entered the Bandit National Bandolero race at Atlanta Motor Speedway. At time trails Joey timed in 2nd fast and won his heat race. Which gave him the pole position for the feature.

Joey managed to hold off the cars behind him and won his 1st Grand National Bandit Bandolero Championship making it his 4th Grand National Championship in a row.

2001 was a fun year for Joey. He won Championships at Lowe’s Motor Speedway’s Summer Shootout and Atlanta Motor Speedway’s Thursday Thunder Series, extending his winning streak there to 14 consecutive wins. He also came in 1st in Georgia State Points and 3rd in National Points, competing in only 21 Bandolero races. Safety is the main concern for the Logano’s, so Joey’s Dad worked with Jim Downing so that Jim could design the FIRST H.A.N.S. Device for youngsters. Joey and his family are very much involved with the Starlight Foundation Children Charity. The Logano family was able to grant a wish for a very special boy and his family. Joey believes it is very important to try to help others that are less fortunate.

2002 was a great year for Logano Motorsports and Joey Logano. Joey won three championships, two of which were National Championships.

In June the Young Lions Nationals were held at Kentucky Motor Speedway. Joey started 18th in the 50 lap feature and passed for the lead on lap 47 for the victory.

In September Joey Logano clinched the Atlanta Motor Speedway 10 week Thursday Thunder Series in the Semi-Pro Division. Joey moved up to the Pro division after the shootout was over.

In October the Legends car National’s were held in Dodge City, Kansas were Joey entered in the Legends Pro Division. Joey started 3rd in the 50 lap feature and passed for the lead on lap 48 and proceeded to win at the age of l2.

Joey couldn’t of done all of this without a great team and hard work to back him up. Tom Logano his father and best friend, his crew chief Brett Ragan, and let’s not forget the engine builder Jerry Cooper, with Cooper Performance.

Looking forward to 2003. Joey will run some legends car races and the full Allison Legacy car series. He also will start driving a new late model owned by Jim Gresham of Gresham & Associates.

Joey is hoping for another successful year and thanks everyone for all their support.

Special Thanks to:

My Family
Mark Martin
Donnie Allison
Ken Ragan
Jim Gresham
Tony Gresham
Brett Ragan
Dewitt Paschal
Eddie Bellargeon